The Woodland Garden

When Lisa & Roger moved in to their garden flat there were already some wonderful specimen trees in the garden and they built upon the existing structure by adding two ponds and a seating area. However three years ago honey fungus attacked the garden and many beautiful trees were lost. They are now rebuilding their garden with trees in pots.

Lisa says: We’ve been looking after our garden (which is 28 feet wide and 70 feet long) for 19 years and the honey fungus attack three years ago has been a huge shock both to us and the garden. We’ve had to re-think the structure and have re-introduced trees but now they are planted in large pots to keep them safe.

Woodland gardens need just as much work as cottage gardens and perhaps more heavy lifting! We look after it ourselves but also bring in the cavalry with a gardener. Our favourite things are our weeping cedar, the ponds and their wildlife, and the beautiful acers.

Picture Gallery

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