The Sound of Water

This garden was transformed from a wilderness to a beautiful walled garden with no fewer than three water features. The garden’s distinct design comes into its own at night when the owners like to sit in the garden by candlelight enjoying a glass (or two!) of wine and listening to the gentle tinkling of water.

Julie says: The garden was a wilderness when we first moved in and very unloved. Everything was overgrown and had not been looked after. The only things we were able to salvage were the beautiful white lilac the pink camellia and the apple tree. The garden was designed by me and my father and he built it for us around 15 years ago. We had the whole garden walled and built in a small shed and bike store together with a pergola which now has our beautiful wisteria on which we planted ourselves. My father was an engineer so his brain works in a very practical way and he was able to add in 3 water features – the well being designed from a much larger version in RHS Rosemoor in Devon! The tap used in one of the water features was found in my grandfather’s shed and recycled and has his initials on (coincidentally we think).

The tin bath with plants in was bought around 18 years ago at the Barnes Fair and has evolved with different plants and designs over the years. I love to sit and read under the pergola which gives some shade from the midday sun and hear the bees hard at work when the flowers are blooming. I enjoy seeing the robin, blue tits and great tits having a bath in our bird bath and then drying off in the lilac with their wings spread out. I love our deep red rose bought in RHS Rosemoor. It blooms throughout the summer over and over and reminds me of wonderful holidays spent down in Devon over the last 40 years. I love water and wanted to hear the sound of water while working in my study at the back of the house. It has a very calming effect and I really enjoy listening to it throughout the day.

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