The Reflective Garden

Karen, the owner of this beautiful 100ft long space has changed the garden a lot over the 25 years that she has lived in the house. However the biggest change came three years ago when she carried out a major overhaul. The already beautiful garden was enhanced with an extra terrace, two water features and a reflection pool.

Karen says: We have changed the garden gradually since we moved in 27 years ago. The previous owners travelled a lot and it was therefore a low maintenance garden. We have added a variety of plants through the years, and three years ago we did a major overhaul; installing an extra terrace, two water features, and a reflection pool, as well as a small breakfast terrace. The garden has been planned with emphasis on light and space.
My husband looks after the lawn and the reflection pool whilst I look after the rest with the help of a wonderful gardener, who comes for five hours a month during the summer and a bit less during the winter. We are very fond of our little copper water feature which looks like bulrushes. It was custom made for us by Gary of Metallic Garden. Our climbing roses, give us a lot of pleasure with their abundance and their scent. And then there is the enormous copper beech which we believe is over 150 years old.
The garden pavilion/shed was designed and built by my father 25 years ago and ties in well with the modern design of the reflection pool, the water feature and the terrace. We enjoy looking at the garden, and use it often in the summer for entertaining friends. It also provides us with cut flowers, as well as – with varying degrees of success – herbs. This year, because of the Coronavirus we have added a few vegetables.
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