The Elizabethan Bowling Green

Step through the wooden gate of this 18th century bowling green and time really has no meaning. Situated within a stone’s throw of Barnes Pond, its ancient beautifully tended green is surrounded by a glorious garden.

 Keeping tradition alive, the Barnes Bowling Club plays on a naturally undulating surface and uses only two ‘woods’ or bowls. A lucky membership of 90 get to play in the walled gardens from May to September each year.  The greenkeeper and the gardener keep the green, and it’s surrounding borders, immaculate and they area always a joy to behold for player and visitors alike.

A number of secluded wooden benches are scattered around the grounds, all the better to appreciate the variety of trees, shrubs and flowers (when you’re not distracted by the game of course!) A mural also gives the illusion of a pathway leading elsewhere though why you’d want to go anywhere else is a mystery.