Suburban Splendour

A bold eucalyptus tree in the front garden entices visitors into Sadie’s suburban garden. Filled with roses, fruit trees and featuring a fish pond, it has provided pleasure (and work!) for nearly three decades.

Sadie says: Ours is a suburban garden with a lawn, flower beds, bushes and mature trees. We also have a summerhouse, a shed and a small fish pond with half a dozen fish. We haven’t changed the general layout since moving in. There is a small front garden with raised planters and it features a eucalyptus tree which arouses comments from passers by and visitors with its unusually large leaves. We have changed plants over the years for example by  introducing ferns. My husband’s job is tending and cutting the lawn and roses and the upkeep of the fish pond. I plant up all the pots and hanging baskets and look after the flower beds.

We love the mature cherry trees with glorious blossom in early spring and beautiful colours of the leaves in the autumn. There is also a wonderful multi-coloured display of both climbing and standard roses, also a nice display of Camelia trees in spring. We inherited a small swimming pool in the centre of the back lawn which we filled in and made into a sizeable lawn instead and even now at the end of summer when the grass dries out you can see the circle shape where the pool was! We also pulled down the small shed at the bottom of the garden and erected a large one. 

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