For thirty years, Yvonne has lovingly tended and enjoyed her triangular garden with its countrified feel. Sweet-smelling and stocked with jasmine, honeysuckle and wisteria, it has proved a sanctuary as she shelters during the Coronavirus crisis.

Yvonne says: Our garden is triangular in shape and countrified in style – with lots of verdant, evergreen shrubs and pretty wild flowers. It incorporates a winding garden path and driveway, with more secluded parts where I can enjoy the peace of this green sanctuary – and the surrounding birdsong – in privacy, from the garden bench. An apple and pear tree provide focal points, and amongst the shrubs and palms you’ll find the likes of honeysuckle, jasmine, wisteria and ceanothus. It comes to life in spring, but is charming all year round.

The biggest change we made was the creation of a patio area with table and chairs. An especially pretty wall was revealed when the old shed was removed and is now a feature I really enjoy. It’s a great place to sit and relax. I also sculpted a ‘green man’ from clay many years ago and it is now mounted on the wall and peeks out from the greenery. My daughter loves it because it reminds her of her childhood. I look after the garden when I can, with the help of FISH and their amazing volunteers.

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