The Large Courtyard Garden

This beautiful large (20x 8 metres) courtyard garden has an Italian feel. The owners who have been tending it for over fifty years like their plants to grow naturally and effusively with maximum colour and variety.

Margaret says: Originally we had a garden suitable for children and later grandchildren. We now have great grandchildren but felt it was time for us to have the sort of garden that we always wanted and grow the plants that we like and we had it paved. Gardening is my hobby and passion and I grow many plants from cuttings I take each year.

I designed the garden as it is now but it has evolved over the years. When we bought the house the garden consisted of a lawn and strip flowerbeds. I am the plantsman but my husband composts everything possible and has created wonderful soil. Without that, growth would be less heathy and much less colourful.

I like effusion and favourite plants include ferns, foxgloves, euphorbias and echinaceas. The garden is for us of supreme importance. Both gardens back and front are full of colour and birdsong. I used to be a painter but my creative instincts are now satisfied by gardening. This year we have robins and blackbirds nesting and do our best to encourage wildlife.

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